Webinar | Lean Healthcare in Japan

In this webinar

  • Total Quality Management and QC Circle culture within Japanese hospitals
  • QC Story improvement process


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The Toyota Production System and the application of lean principles to the manufacturing sector have been well documented over the years. Increasingly we are seeing an interest in the application of these same principles to non-manufacturing environments, such as government, finance, service and healthcare sectors.

The Japanese healthcare sector has been quietly implementing and sustaining healthcare delivery improvement programs within hospitals since the 1970s, with little fanfare. The simple and effective Quality Circle approach adopted in Japanese hospitals, supported by a combination of practices from the fields of Total Quality Management and lean, serves as an excellent reference for kaizen promotion in non-manufacturing sectors.

In this webinar we showcase this simple and effective approach that has flourished across the Japanese healthcare sector, and discuss how it can be adopted by any organization to promote a problem solving culture within its workforce.

Copyright Shinka Management | Presentation by Paul Smith, Director, 15 February 2022.